1. Butch Walker is really awesome y’all. 

    and he’s from my neck of the woods. 

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  4. Gratuitous tote bag picture. 

    KMM & CO. 

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    Hattie for Love Lost Project.

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  6. Drink up baby, look at the stars
    I’ll kiss you again between the bars

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    Yosemite Camping 1912

    original tumblr hipsters, #liveauthentic #livefolk #ifyoudontuseawalltentyourenotreallyauthentic


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    "In the night forlorn when the morning’s born

    And the morning shines with the lights of love
    You will miss sunrise if you close your eyes
    And that would break my heart in two”

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    Hattie, wrapped.

    Lo-res 120 film scan.

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    Bill Murrey / Steve Zissou.

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